We are a group of experienced professionals with expertise in the fields of Civil, lnfrastructure, 3-Waters and Environmental Engineering.
Our values are quality, delivery and trust.

The Fluent Solutions team has a history dating back to Dunedin Engineering Consultants Duffill Watts and King.

That company went through major changes in recent years – under new ownership the company became CPG Global, and later Spiire. Then in March 2013 their flagship Dunedin Water and Environmental Team was disestablished in a nationwide company restructuring exercise, ending 60 years of history in Otago and throughout NZ.

So, after more than 20 years working together throughout NZ and internationally, we were convinced of the need to continue the tradition of Duffill Watts and King, to keep going and doing what we do best.

Our aim is to be the pre-eminent trusted advisor through the continued delivery of our value and experience.

Our team in Octagon 2020.