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Covid-19. The majority of our staff are now working from our offices and are available for site visits. Please note, you will need to register and follow our physical distancing procedures if visiting our offices.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting any of the Fluent Solutions Directors:
Anthony Steel 021 838 661
Melanie Stevenson 021 241 8647
Tommy Chan 027 527 1273
Gary Dent 027 476 3155

We offer services in

  • Infrastructure

    Investigations, pre-feasibility, options studies, feasibility and concept reports, cost estimation detailed design, drawings, final design reporting, specification and contract documentation.

  • Strategic Planning

    Investigations, options studies, existing plant evaluation, feasibility reporting, cost benefit analysis.

  • Pumps & Pipelines

    Water, wastewater, stormwater pump stations, hydraulic design, surge analysis, gravity collection systems, reticulation, pressure sewer systems, irrigation, valving, pressure and flow control, pipe material selection, control systems.

  • Modelling

    Hydraulic design, network analysis, surge analysis, flood routing, hydrological modelling, hydrogeology, mathematical modelling, algorithm development and statistical analysis.

  • Water Resources

    Water quality, quantitative water assessments, catchment risk assessments, cyanobacteria monitoring plans, hydrological data analysis, hydropower and irrigation potential assessment, options studies, low flow investigations, water intake design.

  • Water Supply

    Surface and groundwater, security assessment of bore heads,  rainwater harvesting, intakes, pump stations, pipelines, gravity and pressure distribution, reservoirs, pressure management, demand management.

  • Water Treatment

    Coagulation, flocculation, media filtration, membrane filtration, ultraviolet (UV) disinfection, cartridge filtration, chemical dosing, bench scale testing, NZ drinking water standards, pH and alkalinity adjustment, waste treatment systems for water, control systems, compliance monitoring, HAZOP, operations and maintenance manuals.

  • Water Safety Plans

    Preparation of Water Safety plans (WSP) for compliance with the Health (Drinking Water Amendment) Act 2007, improvement plans, risk assessments.

  • Wastewater Systems & Treatment

    Options analysis, detailed design, gravity and pressure sewer systems, pumping stations, STEP/STEG, emergency storage, wastewater treatment systems, pond desludging, sludge dewatering, biosolids management, land treatment, odour management, HAZOP, and operations and maintenance manuals.

  • Stormwater

    Stormwater management, stormwater modelling, flood management, site flood hazard assessments, detention ponds, stormwater harvesting, stormwater treatment, swales, wetlands, integrated water management, pipe collection systems, stormwater sewers, culvert design, and channel flow.

  • Irrigation

    Demand analysis, hydrological data (rainfall and water resource) analysis and modelling, design of surface water intakes, gravity water race distribution systems,  pressure pipeline distribution, storage reservoirs and containment, pump stations, and resource consenting.

  • On-site Wastewater

    Resource consenting, on-site investigations and evaluation, permeability testing, septic tank systems, secondary and advanced secondary treatment, dispersal fields, mounds, and wastewater irrigation systems.

  • Asset Valuations

    Buildings, plant and civil infrastructure asset and insurance valuations.

  • Asset Management

    Asset register compilation, activity plan development, asset valuation, advance asset management, asset condition surveys, maintenance plans, risk management and strategic planning, Public Health Risk Management plans (PHRMP), improvement plans, and peer review.

  • Resource Consenting

    Assessment of environmental effects (AEE), resource consenting for water takes, discharge consents, scientific studies, reporting, and expert evidence.

  • Environmental Science

    Environmental fate, effects and impact assessments (land and marine/coastal), environmental monitoring and analysis, environmental biotechnology, environmental fingerprinting, groundwater modelling, contaminant transport modelling, and carbon management and life cycle assessment.

  • Contaminated Land

    Contaminated land assessment, sample collection and analysis,  preliminary and detailed investigations, risk assessment and uncertainty analysis remedial action plans and site management plans, and urban and rural settings.

  • Project & Contract Management

    Programming, quality control, tender and contract documentation, tender evaluations, contract and construction monitoring, Engineer to the Contract, commissioning, and health and safety.

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