Crawford Street Contaminated Land Investigation

Contaminated Land

Project Description
Previously a storage and servicing centre for portable diesel powered generators, the property located on Crawford Street in Dunedin is to be converted into a microbrewery and bar with a cellar chiller. A contaminated land study was required to progress the development.

Services Provided
In order to provide assurance for the development of the microbrewery, Fluent Solutions was tasked to perform site investigations and soil sampling to determine the degree of contamination resulting from previous uses of the site. The investigations included both interior and exterior inspections and an assessment of any damage to the building floor and foundations that may have allowed contaminants to seep into the ground. Soil samples were also taken to provide accurate readings of contaminant levels on the site.

Specific services included:

  • Site investigations
  • Soil sampling
  • Core test sampling
  • Summary report specifying compliance with potentially contaminated site guidelines

The proposed microbrewery and bar is located in a once run-down area of town. However, through art and the presence of a increasing young community, the neighbourhood is turning into a trendy apartment living area. Providing the most appropriate level of investigations and sampling is always our number one priority to ensure that sampling and testing costs are spent wisely.