Chicken Farm Groundwater Monitoring Programme

Groundwater Sampling and Assessment

Project Description
A well established, large, poultry farm disposes its treated wastewater to land. Any groundwater contamination from nutrients is a significant concern. To address this, and to meet discharge consent compliance, periodic groundwater sampling and the development of a monitoring programme and evaluation of environmental impacts were required.

Services Provided
Fluent Solutions was engaged to develop a monitoring programme to test for and to evaluate pollutants present in groundwater throughout the site. Fluent Solutions is responsible for taking periodic groundwater samples and having them tested for a wide suite of water quality parameters and the evaluation of the test results.

Specific services included:

  • Development of monitoring programme
  • Groundwater sampling
  • Evaluation of sample testing outcomes and assessment of environmental effects

The primary contaminants released to the environment from the poultry farm operations were nutrients and pathogens resulting from the discharge of treated human sewage and treated factory processing wastewater.  A total of 6 sampling points were tested throughout the site. Groundwater was pumped and purged before samples were collected in containers to be sent for laboratory analysis. Critical evaluation of water chemistry was required to characterize the source of any contaminants and to establish any environmental effects on the groundwater.