Green Island Wastewater Treatment Plant

Operations and Maintenance Manuals

Project Description
The production of an up to date and easily understood Operations and Maintenance manual for the Green Island Wastewater Treatment Plant (GIWWTP) was needed.

Services Provided
Fluent Solutions were engaged to write the new Operations and Maintenance manuals for the GIWWTP.

Specific Services Included:

  • Site visits to meet with operational staff at the GIWWTP
  • Development of process flow schematics for all processes
  • Production of a manual with easy to understand descriptions of the treatment plant processes, including: milliscreening, aeration, clarification, UV disinfection, sludge digesters, and sludge dewatering
  • Writing an Environmental management plan
  • Preparing a Monitoring plan
  • Troubleshooting
  • Client liaison to discuss overall management of plant

Organisation, accessibility, and easily understandable language were all key components in the development of the manual. Fluent Solutions worked closely with the operational staff at the GIWWTP to create a document that meets the specific needs of the staff and the overall plant function.