Hanley Downs Stormwater

Stormwater Management and Runoff Mitigation

Project Description
Engineering for new developments starts at the early planning phase with an assessment of the infrastructure options that would fit the forms of development possible for a new site. For Hanley Downs, preserving a natural wetland and avoiding the risk of flash floods from the precipitous faces of the Remarkables Range were important environmental considerations that shaped the proposed form of the development.

Services Provided
Fluent Solutions provided flood hazard and stormwater management advice to the team developing the concept for a development plan change application that would accommodate 1300 residential lots.

Specific Services Included:

  • Liaison with developers
  • Evaluation of current and future flood hazards
  • Network modeling
  • Stormwater management design
  • Cost estimation

Stormwater management and runoff mitigation measures were scoped out and the development costs estimated. Protecting the values of an ecologically rich wetland area by isolating the wetland from the runoff effects of high density residential development with detention ponds and associated systems were integrated into the stormwater management plan. Furthermore, parts of the site are subject to alluvial fan hazards. This required potential risk areas to be mapped and flow paths for flash floods provided for as part of the development plan.