Otematata Water Supply

New Bores, Treatment and Booster Pumps

Project Description
It was time for the Otematata water supply to be upgraded to meet the NZ Drinking Water Standards. A new source, new bores and a new treatment plant was needed.

Services Provided
Waitaki District Council looked to Fluent Solutions to design the new water supply system to take water from the new bores, treat it to meet the required standards and pump it into the town’s reticulation.

Specific services included:

  • Site investigations
  • Flood history research
  • Bore head design
  • Hydraulic design
  • Civil, mechanical, electrical and controls design
  • Staged treatment design allowing for the possibility of filtration upstream of UV disinfection

Placing a new treatment plant and pumping station adjacent to a river required careful consideration of possible flood events.  This resulted in the ground being raised locally to prevent any building inundation during high river level events.